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When you Need or Want a New Home

If you want to achieve the next step on the ladder or you’ve found the home of your dreams, we will find a range of products that are suitable for your needs not just today, but considering your current future plans as well. We can access a comprehensive range of products that aren’t all available on the High Street to give you the best possible range of mortgages to choose from and the advice to enable you to choose the one that’s right for you.

For first time buyers (and everyone who needs it), we will help you through all aspects of the process of buying a house, giving you recommendations of solicitors, surveyors and other providers to help you get on the ladder as easily as possible.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Moving to a New Home

We ask for the key information we’ll need for your application before we even sit down and talk to you about your plans and dreams for the next stage in your property journey, which means that much of the information you supply can also be used as the foundation for application processes, so for you there are no conversations with prospective lenders and no time spent on lender websites deciphering online application forms.

We will give you a clear idea of what you can afford and the level of borrowing you’re likely to be able to achieve, and we can identify a number of suitable mortgage products that will meet your needs. With your clear priorities and needs taken into consideration we will help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each so that all you have to do is ensure you are happy with the information provided and comfortable with the recommendation and choices.

After that, we’ll take care of everything that is needed to make the application from start to finish, ensuring forms are completed properly and all the relevant documentation is supplied in a timely fashion.

First-time Buyers

Buying your first home should be one of the most exciting things you do in your life, but it can be a very overwhelming process. First-time buyers often find that the amount of information and a process different to anything else they have had to do before, can be challenging to say the least. However, it should also be one of the most amazing processes, getting you to the magical moment when you walk over the threshold of your own home for the very first time. As such, a highly personalised mortgage service is hugely important, and we will take the time to really listen to your questions, understand your concerns, and offer a service that is designed to take the fear out of your first purchase and ensure you get to focus on the adventure ahead.

In addition when it then comes to the time that you’re looking for an insurance policy, or income protection or even your next mortgage, we’ll already have a lot of the information needed, saving you time and worry.

Once we have all the key documents, we’ll be able to discuss and look at what you want to buy and what you’re likely to be able to afford. That way, and even though we can’t ever guarantee an application will be accepted, you’ll at least have a good idea of where you stand.

Even though new affordability rules have made the lending criteria more stringent, we still think that buying your very first home should be an exciting adventure rather than a scary tedious chore, and so we’ll do all we can to take care of the nitty gritty and help support you in the steps along the way.

Purchasing on new housing developments (with or without Equity Loan – Help to Buy), please note that most developers will want you to talk to their brokers, which is fine, but don’t be hoodwinked into thinking that you have to go with them, you have every right to go to your own advisor and that way you can be comfortable that you are getting the service that will really look after you, and your needs. We can follow up with the Developers and assure them of your position to buy.



When you Need or Want to Remortgage

Whether you want to have extra space in your existing property and need to free up some capital to do the work, or you just want to take advantage of an attractive rate deal with another lender, remortgaging can be wise option for people who are happy in their property but are looking to drive better value for money from it. It is good to re-evaluate your position on a regular basis, and ensure your property is still delivering to your needs.

There comes a point in life when it makes sense to sit down and take stock of where you are and where you’re going. When it comes to your mortgage, that time often arrives just before an expected rise in interest rates or at the point when a fixed mortgage product is coming to the end of its term.

Among the primary questions you might be asking yourself are whether or not to move, and whether you need to change to a different mortgage product either to get the best value for money or to free up cash for home improvements or to create more living space.

For lots of people remortgaging is an attractive option, especially if they like the house they’re in but want better value for money out of their borrowing. With some good fixed-rate and fixed-term deals available, moving your current deal could be in your best interests.

We will ask you to take some time to provide key information we’ll need before we discuss what it is you’re trying to achieve and then use that information to identify all the possible options and most suitable next steps.

The beauty of doing this before we start the remortgage process in earnest is that when the time comes that you want to explore personal health and financial protection or you need to move your mortgage again, we’ll already have a lot of the basic information we need – saving you the time and stress of finding it and giving it to us all over again.

We can’t change the way lenders do things, but we can change the impact on our clients’ time and money – so we go out of our way to try to ensure we take on the burden of any application process, leaving you free to get on with the important things in your life.


Product Transfer / Product Switch / Rate Switch 

We would also look at your options with your current provider to identify whether remaining with them could be the best option with a transfer to a new product (rate switch), or a further advance. It is all about identifying what option gets you the best result, and how we can help make your life as simple as possible to get it all sorted for you, either with the new lender, or the existing one. Remember, your best interests and your requirements, are what we care the most about.

Self-employed Home Buyers

One of the biggest worries for people who are self-employed is whether their lack of guaranteed income will stop them from securing a mortgage when they want to buy their first home or move up the housing ladder. There’s no need for alarm although finding the right lender for your circumstances is key to getting you the best deal and the funds you require, there are many options to enable the self-employed to enable them to move. By working with you, we can help you to find the product most suited to your circumstances and take the stress out of the process.

It’s true that most lenders want to have a degree of certainty before they lend – and that’s true for every applicant; but you won’t be the first person they’ve dealt with who doesn’t get a regular pay-check for the same amount every month. Many lenders are happy to work with self-employed people and have processes that are geared to lending against this type of income, it’s about us helping you identify what you can realistically expect to achieve long before we even talk to prospective lenders about what might be possible and then ensuring we find the right one for you.

We’ll start by asking you to provide some detailed personal and financial information about yourself and the business, alongside the information for anyone who might be applying with you for the mortgage. Once we know more about you and what you’re hoping to achieve, we can talk through the options that are available. Then you can leave it to us to make the application on your behalf and get on with running your business and dealing with the important things in life.


Offset Mortgage

One thing that can be worth considering if you are self-employed and needing to build up those reserves to pay the tax man, may be an offset mortgage.  It isn’t only the self-employed that these can be perfect for, but if you like to keep a nest egg, but you don’t want to invest it, then having it in an offset to reduce the interest you are paying on your mortgage, can be a great option.  There are pros and cons to these, so not suitable for everyone, but are among the many things your mortgage adviser will be considering.


Buy-to-let or Let-to-buy

The buy to let (BTL) mortgage market can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly if you’re just setting out on life as a landlord. From explaining the things you need to think about to making your final choice of mortgage product, our advice and reassuring support means you can take your first steps in the lettings sector with confidence.

Whether you’re an ‘accidental’ landlord who, for whatever reason, finds themselves in a position where they no longer need to live in a house they own but want to make it pay its way (can be a buy to let or a let to buy depending on circumstances), or someone who’s making a career out of the lettings market either in their personal name or increasingly in the Limited Company Buy to Let options, we can help you secure the right mortgage for your needs. Getting a buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage is subject to different qualifying and lending criteria than for securing borrowing against a home you’ll live in yourself.

Property remains an attractive source of income for many people across the UK. However, things to bear in mind include that the common differences between a BTL mortgage and borrowing against the home you’ll live in often include higher rates of interest, the requirement for a proportionally greater deposit and higher lender fees.

On top of that, there are other practical considerations to take into account – specialist buildings and contents insurance (we can help you here, too) and the costs involved in having a professional agent manage the tenancy if you’re not planning on doing it yourself.

Whatever your needs, the road to a BTL mortgage doesn’t need to be overwhelming. We’ll start by asking you to provide us with some key information (which we can also use as the basis of an application for personal or property insurance you may want in the future) and then talk to you about what you want to achieve.

The financial conduct authority does not regulate all buy to let mortgages. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.